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Petite Parade F/W 16- Diesel Kid, 7 For All Mankind, Butter Supersoft, and Flowers by Zoe


The last shows at petitePARADE Kids Fashion Week included Diesel Kid, 7 For All Mankind, Butter Supersoft and Flowers by Zoe.

Diesel Kid’s was edgy and cool. The collection opened with a girl wearing a bomber jacket with a black front and white sleeves and underneath was a white graphic tee paired with silver sequin shorts, ripped black tights and patent leather Doc Martens. Next, a boy sported a blue bomber jacket with appliques on the front and sides with a blue wolf face graphic tee and cuffed dark denim jeans. Graphic tees continued throughout the collection featuring a girl’s black t-shirt with the phrase “Rock On” in a leopard font, a boy’s black t-shirt with a bald eagle on it, as well as other “Diesel” printed tops.

Bomber jackets as well as leather jackets continued throughout the collection for girls and boys. Tailored blazers in an olive wool paired over a denim shirt and jeans, while a black blazer was paired over a graphic tee crop top and another black blazer was paired with a sweater that had a collared shirt peaking out from underneath were shown as well.

Other statement pieces included a denim, tiered ruffle skirt, destroyed patchwork jeans for boys, leather leggings and a galaxy printed hooded jacket paired together, a sequin skirt and a studded blazer caught the audience’s eye. The most statement-making outfit was a tri-fur coat over ripped up black tights and Doc Martens. Made up of mainly sand colored faux Mongolian fur, each sleeve from the elbow down was made up of a different patterned faux fur. The right arm was donned in leopard faux fur, while the left arm was covered in a faux tiger print fur.

Closing the show was a girl  in a silver sequined sleeved black bomber jacket paired with a graphic tee, black sequin skirt, ripped black tights and black Doc Martens. The tights definitely made all of the girls’ clothes seem older, but it still provided an edgy, cool, punk vibe. The final look was shown on a girl model wearing a black studded blazer, black graphic tee and a black tutu skirt with ripped black tights and black and white checkered Doc Martens.

Diesel Kid played rock music all throughout their show. This collection will easily make any kid feel like a rock star in their clothes.