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Petite Parade F/W 16-Baby CZ and Sen-35


After seeing a bright and fun collection of more casual wear at the WILDFOX Kids and EMU Australia shows, the next show at petitePARADE featured collections by Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf and Sen-35.

Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf is definitely the children’s clothing you will want to buy your children for the Fall/Winter. Each look was perfect for picture day or the holidays. The collection opened with a gray ¾ length dress with large red polka dots all over featuring a large bow in the same fabric that was attached on the left side. This look was paired with red tights and patent leather Mary Jane flats. The polka dot print was also featured on a skirt with a bow around the belt, which was paired with a light red blouse with a bow around the collar and dark gray knee socks.

Boys’ clothes were also featured and included polished looks. One look was a light gray sweater over a white collared shirt and red and white plaid pants. The sleeves were pushed up to give the look a cool, effortless vibe. Another boys look was a large navy and white checkered button down shirt with a dark navy, unbuttoned vest over it. The top was paired with dusty purple colored jeans tucked into black boots, and to top the look off, a gray newsboy cap completed this modern take on a classic look.  However, one of the boy models wore filthy black Vans. Unsure if this was intentional, but it stood out compared to the see of shiny, patent and polished shoes.

Despite this odd and dusty statement, the rest of the girls’ looks were adorable and fun. A large houndstooth printed gray and white dress was paired with blue tights and seemed very age appropriate for little girls. Even a more casual outfit made an appearance on the runway with a printed bohemian peasant blouse paired with dark navy cropped trousers. This look was beyond cute, especially with the gold, jeweled hair accessory that hung from her forehead. Other prints included a stars and moon printed peasant blouse over a navy skirt with yellow tights.

The last look of the collection was a cream and gold polka dot dress with a cream tulle bottom peaking out from the hem. This look was paired with electric blue tights, sparkly, gold Mary Jane Flats and a jeweled hair accessory that hung from the forehead.