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Blu and Blue: Revolutionary Denim


Aaina Jain, the founder of Blu and Blue, has had fashion play a large role in her life ever since she was little. Growing up in a family that has owned a successful denim company for the past 35 years, Jain was bound to work in the clothing industry as well. In fact,  it has only been around two years since the launch of her unique company dedicated to making soft and sustainable denim pieces for children, but the team has already seen a lot of success.

When asked about how it all started, Jain began with her experiences working with other retail companies like Estee Lauder, Jo Malone, and GAP. She cleverly used these experiences in corporate settings to learn how businesses work from the inside; and when she saw a gap in the market (practical and trendy denim wear for children), she jumped at the opportunity and took a chance on her dream. As risky as it was to leave her stable job, Jain expressed that her passion for clothing design and hope to own her own line one day helped her make that leap between careers. There’s no doubt that it paid off.

What sets Blu and Blue apart from your typical children’s clothing stores is the fact that the company cares. With a focus on fabric, safety, and sustainability, the company refuses to settle for nothing less than perfection– even when it means outsourcing materials from other countries. It’s no wonder that fashion-forward parents across the U.S. cannot stop raving about the plush texture and colorful designs. There’s so much demand that Blu and Blue are looking to expand to Europe this coming year.

Jain attributes much of the company’s success to her amazing and dedicated team, who share her vision for the brand. With each new collection, they strive to bring different elements to life and create unique clothes. For this team, fashion, in general, is the most authentic form of self-expression. It’s powerful, transformative, and reflects one’s personality, although the children wearing the clothes may not understand it yet. Especially because they value fashion in more ways than a simply superficial sense, each of their designs seems all the more special and meaningful.

Blu and Blue is the next big thing, and I for one, can’t wait for the day adult sizes are available too.